Welcome to Female Forex

Welcome everyone, welcome sisters and fellow Female Forex Traders and THANK YOU ALL for taking the time to visit my website.

I really appreciate that!

If you are interested in finding out about who I am and what drove me to create this site, you are welcome to check out my About Me page. But what is it you have to expect when you decide to want to browse this site?!

Will I spam you, scam you or make you believe you can become a millionaire overnight?Millionaire

The answer to all of this is NO! Of course not 😉Growth



What can you expect?

This is not a website that will take you through every single detail of the forex market. I will give some brief summaries on basic knowledge, refer to other websites, books or YouTube movies, but I will put my focus on practical knowledge and advice for you in order to become a consistently profitable Female Forex Trader –  preferably sooner rather than later.

You will find that practical knowledge and my advice on the different pages throughout the website. I will use my posts more on a regular basis, either to make you aware of acute trading opportunities based on my analysis, or else also publish short posts on, for instance, the use of a specific indicator. Chart

It is of upmost importance that you read, or at least are aware of my disclaimer. I can only advise you. The profits you may make as the losses, the success and failure alike are your’s alone.  Every step you take or do not take based upon my advise is your own responsibility. That doesn’t mean I won’t do my best to be specific on advice and I pledge myself to giving you the best support, tips and tricks that I know of 😉


I believe in giving, and also in giving back. Hence, I would really appreciate it if you share ideas and strategies through this community too. communityWhat works, what doesn’t. What helps you to stay focused and committed to your goals. How do you handle stressful moments, are you really in the, as Mark Douglas calls it, carefree state of mind?  And if so, how did you achieve that? My ultimate goal is to create a lively, interactive platform for Female Forex Traders, where we can all give what we are willing to give and take what we need in order to become successful in this business!

When in need of personal advise, a motivational boost or if you have comments, ideas or questions, you can always get in contact with me or leave a post on my Webpage.  I will check both my email and website on a daily basis.

For now… Welcome to the Female Forex Community and I hope you will enjoy the journey!