About Me

Hi everyone and welcome to my Female Forex Trading website!

First of all let me introduce myself – who I am, why I have decided to create this website, where I come from and why any of this can be of interest to you!

My name is Kir and I am 43 years old. I am a mother of two children and together with them and my wife I live in a house nestled in a  beautiful countryside.

Before I started to get interested in trading the Forex market, my professional endeavors have led me down quite a few different roads. My background is both financial – which comes in handy with the trading – and scientific, to be specific, I am a biomedicus. I have worked in many different areas ranging from IT consultant to congress manager to eventually becoming a project manager in the healthcare industry for many years. Along that road, I have always been active and interested in finding a new challenge or developing new concepts.




Then along came TRADING 🙂

Bulls and Bears

With trading the forex market I found a new challenge and let me assure you, a challenge it is and has been!  For people who visit this website and are new to the whole world of TRADING I really have only one piece of advice to start off with:

Buckle Up For its Gonna Be A Rough And Crazy Ride But Oh People Please Enjoy That Ride!

For the more experienced visitors, well… I don’t really have to explain why at times I have found myself in an elated, almost euphoric trance while at other times, I got stuck deep in the pit of desperation and extreme frustration. Not with the markets, mind you –  although it can be a relief to occassionally blame something, anything, other than myself for any potential failure – but purely with myself. On this website, I will explain all about that in Detail, for there sure is a hell of a lot to say about it! 😉




So then, why did I choose FEMALE Forex as my niche? Simple, really.  I believe that men and women are very different in their basic psychological make-up. And trading is all about psychology. Knowing what you are doing by learning for instance the groundworks of technical analysis is one thing – but actually chosing a strategy that fits your personality AND sticking to it… that, my friends, is a completely different story.

The coping mechanisms we need to apply, the way we react to stress or handle losses, whether we have the endurance to stay in a winning trade, the discipline necessary and so on, are very different in men vs. women. And since I am a woman, I believe that I can primarily be of  better help to women then to men, simply because I understand better how female psychology works. HOWEVER:  men, that doesn’t mean you are not welcome…:-)

My interest in trading started earlier in life, when studying Banking & Finance. I did take some first steps already then towards the stock market, however, back then it was much more complicated to trade.

You didn’t have the ease of sitting behind your computer, placing your trades yourself, as we can do it now. A few years ago I accidently stumbled into my first real-life experience with the markets – while browsing the net I accidentally stumbled upon a broker, opened a demo account, tried a bit, fumbled more than a bit and eventually I ended up quitting very quickly, convinced that it was all really a scam. But yeah, I will admit to this: I was triggered. I was actually hook, line and sinker but too scared and careful to venture further into the world of forex trading.Forex

I started working on myself, analyzing my own fears, and decided that I wanted to give it another shot and so approximately 2 years ago I seriously began my love affair with the Forex Market.

My experience thus far has been what I believe almost stereotypical for many junior traders: the journey ranged from fantasizing about the next new house to buy, to simply hoping things will turn from bad to the better, to total break down and losing all hope that I would ever be able to master this.

I studied charts for a sheer inhuman amount of hours, trying to find logic behind market movement. I am, after all, a scientist – remember? 😉

I watched almost any and every available YouTube movie on the next best strategy, tried every timeframe as my core trading frame, studied more indicators and their use then I can count, looked at automated systems, back tested them, traded a gazillion different strategies and eventually I started realizing the most important, deciding factor of all of this: it was not in the amount of hours I put in trying to understand the market; the key lay in putting in those hours to try and understand MY own psychology. That took me just about a year and a half to realize 😉

After this realization I now focused my attention on books and YouTube movies on trading psychology. And yes, I do think I watched and read them all..:-)

In summary, the following can be said: trading is about understanding what you are doing, but more importantly, it is about trusting yourself to take action on your strategy fully aware of the fact that you are participating in an odds game; you loose some, you win some! And as long as you win more than you loose, you are in good shape!Trusting yourself


So, why this website you may wonder? Good question. First of all, the world of  trading is a lonely world and I would love to get in contact with peers who want to share ideas, experiences and advise. Second, I am looking back on quite a journey that I am still in the middle of; but by now I am making profits consistently –  why not share my ideas and strategies with you? I believe we can all benefit from one another in a good sense of giving and taking. There is enough for all of us. 🙂

I want to help you to achieve this: Know your strengths, acknowlegde your weaknesses and become a consistently successful Female Forex Trader! That is the aim of my website!

I hope you will enjoy and stay tuned to all that is to come! Kir